A recent article on Dental Economics claims that each new dental patient is, “…worth about $1,500 to your practice over his or her lifetime, and that’s a low-end estimate.“. This figure is similar to what was reported on The Wealthy Dentist.

Another article on Dental Town claims, “Many dentists we’ve spoken to estimate a lifetime value of around $2500 to $5000“.

The fact that these numbers vary so greatly should not be a surprise considering the range of fees and services offered at dental offices around the US.

The truth of the matter is the vast majority of dental offices do not know the value of a new patient for their practice. So these averages taken from studies become even more valuable.

A study done 13 years ago (2003) indicated that a practice generated $406 on average from each new patient visit. Existing patients averaged $282 per visit which makes sense due to an existing patient usually needing less work.

They included a helpful formula for calculating average patient value. By looking at the formula you can see that your figure will vary based on services offered & patient retention.

dental patient value

More recent studies indicate that the lifetime value of a patient over 20 years (without considering additional referrals) is about $9000. That breaks down to an average of $450 per year.

I am still looking for more authoritative sources on new dental patient value. If you come across something that is better than the sources I have listed above please share. I will come back and update this post as newer, more accurate information becomes available to me.