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How to create a Dental business Facebook page

Facebook is a great tool for connecting with your patients and marketing your services. It is also the 2nd largest website in the world and as such, crucial to have for your dental practice. In this post I will walk you though how [...]

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The 5 Areas your dental website MUST have

I spend a good amount of time speaking to Doctors about their website wants and needs. Many areas like "Technology" and "Patient Education" are great for making your website unique and stand apart in a very competitive industry. However, there are 5 areas [...]

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How to Film Patient Testimonials

You do not need a large budget or professional film crew to get quality video testimonials from your patients. The key is to ask the right patients and make the process simple. Here is a sample video from one of our clients that [...]

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Do we need to be using SnapChat?

Hey everybody! I wanted to answer a quick question that I have been getting asked a lot recently. It is about Snapchat and whether your practice needs to be using it. Quick answer, No! I always want focus on managing your time and [...]

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How much is a new dental patient worth?

A recent article on Dental Economics claims that each new dental patient is, "...worth about $1,500 to your practice over his or her lifetime, and that's a low-end estimate.". This figure is similar to what was reported on The Wealthy Dentist. Another article on [...]

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4 tips for winning in the Houston Dental Market

The Houston Dental Market is very competitive, that is no secret. Many areas around town have multiple dental practices in such close proximity that it can be hard to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. There are all types of challenges [...]

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website design to challenge traffic tickets

UK teen creates a website designed to challenge traffic tickets 19-year-old computer programmer Joshua Browder is not like other teenagers. When Joshua (then 18-years-old) got his first traffic ticket he came home and told his mother that he would not pay. Most teenagers [...]

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6 Tips for hiring a website designer

Selecting a web developer is no-doubt one of the most challenging decisions to be made when starting a new business. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming to look at. There are also a growing number of free or very [...]

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The 3 stories your website MUST have

The 3 stories your website MUST have Successful marketers have been using stories to sell to their customers since the beginning of time. No matter what your product, who you are, or who you are trying to sell to, a story can be [...]

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5 Tips for Finding clients on Social Media

5 Tips for Finding clients on Social Media We recently heard from a few clients that think social media is a waste of time for finding customers. This surprises us because from our results, we know social media is an excellent marketing tool. [...]

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