5 Tips for Finding clients on Social Media

We recently heard from a few clients that think social media is a waste of time for finding customers. This surprises us because from our results, we know social media is an excellent marketing tool.

With approximately 2 billion social network users worldwide, it is hard to believe people are not finding it a great source of leads.

We decided to ask our clients how they used social media for marketing purposes. All of them told us that they set up their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Yelp) and then nothing happened.

Ah, so the problem is: You set it up but they will still not come.

Social media marketing is not like a billboard. You cannot just put it up and expect your consumers to see it. You must actively market your business on social media. The profiles are just the entries into the world of social media. What you do inside is what matters.

The Secrets to Success on Social Media

We have been in this business for a while, so we have had the opportunity to see what works and what does not work. We would like to share our secrets with you to help you see the results everyone talks about online.

#1: LinkedIn Messages

LinkedIn helps business professionals connect with others who want to collaborate or do business together. Having a LinkedIn profile and posting updates will not get you far on the social network. Only 20% of your network sees your status updates. Instead, the secret lies in LinkedIn messages.

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you have a warm lead. If you do not do anything with that lead, you end up forfeiting it. You can increase your chances of turning a lead into a client or partner by messaging him/her.

LinkedIn Messages

Since many people use LinkedIn messages to spam others, you need to be creative in how you interact with your connections. Do not set up an automatic message to send to every person. People will notice the generic message and not reply to you.

The best way to use LinkedIn messages is to look at the profile of the person you just connected with and find a commonality. If you find more than one, great. If not, one will do.

Use that commonality to strike up a conversation with the person. For example, if you went to the same college, point that out in your message. This will spark the person’s interest.

Once you spark the interest of the person, do not immediately sell your business. Instead, ask a question about his/her business. People love talking about themselves, so you will likely receive a response.

When the person responds, keep the conversation on topic. Only discuss your business if it naturally fit in such as if you are both working on similar projects or sell services and products to the same audience.

In the meantime, keep your LinkedIn messages short. That way you can encourage them to go to your website or contact you to learn more.

As you exchange messages back and forth, you will establish a relationship. This relationship is what can lead to you achieving your goals for the social network.

Tip: If you are a local business, suggest meeting with your connections offline. This can increase the chances you will work with them in some capacity.

#2: Facebook Ads

Facebook has made many changes to its algorithm, which has affected the reach business pages have with their posts. This is the reason many people feel as though it does not work. The secret is how you use Facebook Ads.

Facebook AdsFacebook realized that they were giving away free advertising by allowing business pages to reach their users’ feeds. Since Facebook is a business wanting to make money, they realized that this is an opportunity for them to increase revenue with ads.

Most businesses need to invest in Facebook Ads if they want to reach their consumers on the social network. By designing and paying for ad placement, business owners can present their products and services to consumers who are interested in them.

The great thing about Facebook Ads is that the social network uses cookies to find out what users are interested in, and then it displays ads that have to do with what they have searched for online. For example, if someone wants to book a flight to Florida, he/she may see flight booking ads on Facebook.

Facebook can also show your ad to users who have visited your site before. For example, if someone visited your site, he/she will see your ad on Facebook. This can lead to a sale if the person did not convert the first time, or it can lead to repeat sales because the ad serves as a reminder.

Tip: While Facebook Ads is the secret to social media marketing success on the social network that does not mean you should abandon your Facebook page. You should continue to provide information by posting on your page. A great way to convert fans on your Facebook page is with a campaign.

#3: Facebook Page Campaign

Your Facebook page is a place to present your business to your consumers. To help you maximize its effectiveness, implement these suggestions:

  • Use high quality images in your posts: People are visual and when you use images, they will be more likely to like and share your posts. When they like and share, your posts increase their reach.  Also, make sure your high quality images work on Facebook.
  • Time your posts when your consumers are on Facebook. You can find out when your consumers are on Facebook by publishing posts at different times. If you find you are getting more engagement at 9:00 AM rather than 1:00 PM, you will know to post more often at that time.
  • Respond to customers quickly on Facebook. Customers want to feel connected to businesses on Facebook. You can keep them happy by doing responding to their comments, reviews, and messages. 42% of customers complain if the company does not respond on Facebook within 60 minutes.
  • Track, assess, and readjust your campaigns, so you can optimize them for success. You will not know what you are doing is working if you do not track it. Track the types of posts, the difference platforms, and the engagement you receive to find out what works. When you know that, you can adjust your campaign to make progress towards your goals.
Tip: Give your campaign at least a month to show you results. If you change the way you market on it too often, you will never have a true indication if your efforts are effective.

#4: Yelp Reviews

Yelp Reviews

People care what strangers say about services and products online. As much as 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations they receive from friends and family. These online reviews are a deciding factor when it comes to people buying from you, so you need to use this as a way to market your business.

While there are many websites for reviews, Yelp is the most popular one.  It has over 142 million visitors a month. It should be your focus when it comes to reviews.

The way to use Yelp is to join the 2.1 million local business who claimed their business on Yelp, so people can leave reviews. You might want to host a Yelp event. That way, those who use Yelp will be more likely to review your establishment.

Once you get some reviews, you will start to see other people leaving them. This is when you can start using Yelp as a marketing tool.

For every review left, respond to it even if it is positive. You can thank people for their five star rating and let them know you appreciate it. This not only leads to repeat business, but it shows prospective customers that you truly care.

For the negative comments, you can do damage control. Respond to the person with an apology and then try to make it right by offering something. Even if all you can offer is the hope that the person will give your business another try to satisfy them, that is better than not replying at all.

Tip: It is best to check Yelp reviews daily to ensure others see you care about customers Yelp reviews.

#5: Twitter’s Advanced Search

Not all of the people on social media are your consumers. You have an audience that is in the market for your services and products. To use social media effectively, you need to target your audience. You can do this with the advanced search on Twitter.

Twitter's Advanced Search

Twitter has an extraordinary search function called Advanced Search that can help you find consumers. The trick is to know your audience. Since most of the consumers in your audience have similar likes, dislikes, and or work in a similar industry, you can use that information to find people.

For example, if you sell home décor, you may know that many of your consumers are interior designers. You can then search for interior designers on Twitter by inputting keywords such as interior design and interior designer. If you have many beach themed items, you may want to search for users who live in beach areas.

Once you have searched for users who fit into your target audience, you can follow them. If they follow you back, you can start to connect with them through direct messages.

Along with this idea, remember to do hashtags. They are great for search and also for your own posts. According to recent research, they double your engagement.

Tip: Just as you should continue to post on your Facebook page when you use Facebook Ads, you should continue to tweet. When people follow you, they will see your tweets, which can lead them to your site for a possible conversion.

Get Started with Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not easy and it does take a lot of time. However, 95% of marketers who spend 6 hours or more per week find results with social media marketing.

If you need help with marketing your business on social networks, contact us. We have social media specialists that can help you see the power social media has in bringing new and repeat customers to your business.

So, do you mind sharing what has worked well for you and your business on Social Media?