I spend a good amount of time speaking to Doctors about their website wants and needs. Many areas like “Technology” and “Patient Education” are great for making your website unique and stand apart in a very competitive industry. However, there are 5 areas that need to be as clear and easy to locate as possible.

Lately, I have been trying to place as many of these areas on the homepage which reduces the amount of clicks for your visitors before they find the information they are looking for.

Before I go in to each of the 5 areas I would like to take a moment to discuss how I determined that these are the 5 most important areas of a dental website.

Google Analytics is a tool to measure website traffic and also gain customer insights. At Uptime Houston, we install Google Analytics on every website we design and/or perform Internet Marketing for. Over the past 4 years I have looked at the most accessed pages on dozens of dental websites and the top 5 are:

  1. Meet the Doctor
  2. Services
  3. Contact Us
  4. Location
  5. Office Hours

#1 – Meet The Doctor (Staff)


This could also be called “Meet the team” or “Our Staff” however most patients want to see information about the Doctor and the people they will see when they come to your office. For this reason, it is crucial that you have an easy to find area on your website dedicated to an photo of the doctor (and staff) as well as a descriptive bio.

It is crucial to have good photos on the Doctor & Staff pages of your website. It is the main reason I include a professional photo session now. We want to present your practice in the best possible way to your world and having a photographer come to your office to find the best location for the office photos usually helps a great deal.

The “About Us” page could be a place for the Doctor and Staff bios however I also like to include information about the practice as a whole on About page.

#2 – Services (Procedures)

This is the area of your website that will cover the types of services your provide in your office. It is your opportunity to speak directly to your patient and let them know what to expect from a procedure that they need. I advise that you try to answer the most common questions about the most popular procedures here.

Of course, you can not answer every question and you don’t want to try to do that anyway. Encourage your patients to call your office if they have other questions or concerns.

Pro tip: Descriptive photos or video can go a long way in this section.

#3 – Contact Us

The theme we are going for is keep things simple. Many times people come to your website to get your phone number or address really quickly. There are few things more frustrating that looking for this basic business information and feeling like it is super hard to locate.

This is the reason I like to have the contact info in multiple places on the website, including a “Contact Us” page. Included on the contact page it is common to place alternative forms of communication like phone, email, fax, and address. I also like to put your office hours here.

I always advise embedding a Google Map on this page to make it easy to click for directions or get a quick view of where the office is located.

There are also many people who don’t want to call or email so including a contact form can be very useful on this page.

Pro Tip: Use a reCAPTCHA or quiz on the form to prevent unwanted spammers from flooding your inbox.

#4 – Location


Most of the time I include the location on the contact us page. With mobile usage showing no signs of slowing, it is crucial to design with the mobile user in mind. For that reason I like addresses and phone numbers to be clickable for quick access from a phone.

As I mentioned before, embedding a Google Map is a great idea for usability.

Having an “Office Tour” section on your website is also a really good idea to give patients a sneak peek inside. Again, professionally taken photos make all the difference.

#5 – Office Hours

We spoke a bit earlier about putting office hours on the contact page and I think that is the best practices. The office hours should be updated when there is any change in the office.

Keep in mind that many people get your office hours from the Google search results page or Maps. To update these values you need to log into your “Google My Business” page. It is critical to keep both places updated.